About Me


Hello! My name is Rowan Bell. I recently received my PhD in philosophy from Syracuse University. In August 2022, I will take up a position as a Preparing Future Faculty - Faculty Diversity postdoctoral scholar at the University of Missouri for one year. In July 2023, I will begin work as an Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Sexualities, Genders, and Social Change at the University of Guelph.


I primarily work in analytic philosophy, at the intersection of metaethics, feminist philosophy, and trans philosophy. My research also draws from sociology, social epistemology, critical race theory, and decolonial theory. I seek to understand how norms, normative standards, and normative concepts are shaped by systems of oppressive power, so that they in turn shape individual behavior at the level of practical deliberation. Put simply, I want to explain how social norms make us complicit in systems of oppression by shaping what we feel like we ought to do.


Broadly speaking, I am committed to theorizing with, not about, my community. My primary goal is to articulate hermeneutical resources that marginalized people can use to make sense of and communicate ourselves.


I currently live in the Westcott neighborhood in Syracuse, NY with my spouse, Justin, and our cat, Zoya. In my spare time, I like to knit, embroider, run, climb rocks, ride my road bike, and drink fine bourbon and rye. I was once the leader of a championship-winning trivia team, and I hope one day to be so again.


I use they/them or he/him pronouns.


For more about me, you can read my APA Member Interview here, or find me on PhilPeople.